Here’s a proposition for traders cautious about leveraged trading and its accompanying risks of increased losses — trade with Deriv multipliers and get all the same benefits but without risking more than your stake (initial trade amount).

Multipliers offer traders the upside of increased market exposure with a smaller capital. But on Deriv, it also offers the advantage of limiting your losses to your stake amount with its automatic stop out function.

In our previous blog posts, we talked about what multipliers are and the various risk-management features that you can take advantage of when trading them. Here, we’ll go through how to trade multipliers and use its risk management features on DTrader.

How to start trading multipliers on DTrader

Check out this video on how to place your first multipliers trade on Deriv, or go through our step-by-step guide with screenshots below.

Step 1: Log in to Deriv

Log in to your Deriv account. (Or sign up for free if you don’t have one.)

How to Trade Multipliers on Deriv D Trader   Log In

Step 2: Define your trade

On the DTrader trading platform, set up your trade by:

a) Choosing your preferred asset to trade

b) Selecting Multipliers from the trade menu

c) Entering your stake amount

d) Choosing the multiplier value you want to trade with. Your potential profit will be multiplied by this value.*

*If you reside in the EU or UK, your multiplier values are pre-determined based on the asset you are trading.

How to Trade Multipliers on Deriv DTrader 02

Step 3: Set optional parameters

Manage your risk by setting using the take profit, stop loss, and deal cancellation parameters. These features will protect your trades by automatically closing them when your preferred limits are reached.

How to Trade Multipliers on Deriv DTrader 03

Step 4: Open your trade

To open your trade, choose Up if you think the market will rise, or Down if you think the market will fall. Your trade will stay open until you close it, or if it hits the risk-management parameters you may have set in the previous step.

How to Trade Multipliers on Deriv DTrader 04

That’s it! You’re now ready to start trading multipliers with Deriv. Practise trading multipliers risk-free on forex, cryptocurrency, and synthetic indices using a free demo account.


Multipliers trading on cryptocurrencies is not available for clients residing in the UK.

The deal cancellation feature is not available on multipliers on cryptocurrencies for users residing within the EU.

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