Trading with leverage allows you to take a larger position in the market with a small amount of capital. However, leveraged trading also comes with the possibility of large losses.

Not on Deriv multipliers.

Multipliers allow you to amplify your potential profits in a similar way as leveraged trading. You simply apply a multiplier to your trades to potentially multiply your profit. But unlike leveraged trading, you won’t be increasing your potential losses at the same time.

How multipliers work

Here’s an example. Let’s say you trade with a stake of 100 USD and predict the market will go up. The market then goes up by 2%.

Without a multiplier, your profit is:2% x 100 USD = 2 USD With a x500 multiplier*, your profit is:2% x 100 USD x 500 = 1,000 USD

On the other hand, your losses are limited to your stake when trading multipliers on Deriv. For example:

On leveraged trading with 1:500* leverage, your loss is:2% x (100 USD x 500) = 1,000 USD Regardless of the multiplier you choose, the stop out feature will limit your loss to your stake of 100 USD.

*multiplier values and leverage differ per country you’re trading in

Benefits of trading with multipliers

Ramp up your trades

Add a multiplier to your trades — the higher the multiplier, the higher your potential profits. (If you reside in the EU or UK, your multiplier values are pre-determined based on the asset you’re trading.)

Limit your risk

Risk losing no more than your initial stake with the automatic stop out function — on every single trade.

Manage the possibilities

Secure your profit automatically, protect your stake, and feel free to change your mind with risk-management features like take profit, stop loss, and deal cancellation.

Trade anytime, anywhere

Trade multipliers on forex, cryptocurrencies, and Deriv’s synthetic indices on both desktop and on Deriv’s mobile app, Deriv GO. With crypto and synthetic indices available to trade 24/7 even on weekends, you can trade multipliers anytime, anywhere you want.

Find out how to get started trading multipliers on Deriv’s DTrader trading platform in this step-by-step guide.


Deriv GO is not available for clients residing in the EU and the UK.

Multipliers trading on cryptocurrencies is not available for clients residing in the UK.

The deal cancellation feature is not available on multipliers on cryptocurrencies for users residing within the EU.

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