Learning resources on forex

Icons of currency pairs

Understanding cross-currency pairs

Cross-currency pairs are currency pairs which don’t include the US dollar. Can they sharpen your trading strategy? Read our blog to find out.

A representing of margin in forex trading

What is margin in forex trading?

Learn how margin works, its significance in the forex market, and how to use it wisely to maximise your trading potential.

An illustration of currency pair GBP/USD

A guide on forex currency pairs

Get to know the basics of forex currency pairs and use this knowledge to interpret them when trading forex. All transactions that take place on the foreign exchange market…

A forex trader looking at a forex trading platform on his computer

Benefits of forex trading

Why trade forex? Learn about key benefits of forex trading and why you should start trading in the biggest financial markets.

Currency pairs on Deriv

Currency pairs available on Deriv

Explore and understand the classifications of currency pairs, including major, minor, and exotic pairs, and master the basics of forex trading.

A forex chart with bars, candlesticks, and lines

How to read forex charts

Find out how to read forex charts, and get to know the features of candlestick charts, bar charts, and line charts.

debunking myths for forex

Debunking forex trading myths

Not everything you hear about forex trading is real! We’ve debunked a few myths you should know before you start trading.

A trading chart showing price movements in the forex market

What is forex live trading?

Find out what forex live trading is, how currency pairs trading works, and how to begin trading foreign currency online.