New stablecoin added to Deriv for secure trading

Tether cryptocurrency coin and a smartphone showing a trading chart

We’re happy to announce an exciting new addition to Deriv Cashier – Tether (USDT) on the TRON network (TRC20). This new stablecoin is pegged to the US Dollar and opens up a secure way to deposit, withdraw, and trade on Deriv. You can now trade on Deriv without worrying about the volatility typically associated with crypto assets.

The addition of TRC20 USDT (tUSDT in Deriv) is an exciting step forward in expanding the capabilities of Deriv Cashier and giving you more tools and opportunities to trade the way you want. 

The TRON network brings the advantages of low network fees (the fee required to conduct transactions or execute contracts on the blockchain network), rapid processing times, and robust security to the table. With tUSDT added to Deriv’s Cashier, we are providing our users with a top-tier option for deposits and withdrawals within their Deriv accounts. 

Tether TRC20 (tUSDT) on Deriv Cashier

Read on to learn more about how to start depositing and withdrawing the tUSDT token on Deriv today.

Tether pegged to USD

The integration of tUSDT brings wider utility to the TRON ecosystem while giving Deriv traders a trusted stablecoin to trade with. Tether aims to provide dollar-pegged stability, reducing volatility risk compared to coins like Bitcoin. This makes tUSDT an ideal fund for trading on Deriv, allowing potential profits and losses to be denominated in a stable fiat-linked asset.

Tether TRC20 (tUSDT) deposit or withdrawal on Deriv cashier

Here’s how you can start using tUSDT:

–> Log in to your Deriv real account.

–> Open Cashier and go to Deposits.

–> Choose “Deposit cryptocurrencies” and make sure to select Tether TRC20 (tUSDT).

–> Click on Continue to see your wallet address* listed as a string of letters and numbers under the QR code.

*The address is generated by Deriv for you to send tUSDT from an external crypto wallet. As always, accurately copying the full address is critical to avoid loss of funds.

With tUSDT’s arrival, Deriv continues expanding its roster of supported blockchain assets. Our platform aims to provide a complete suite of secure cryptocurrency funding options tailored to the needs of online traders worldwide. With tUSDT’s stability, affordability, speed, and security, it presents an excellent option for trading with cryptocurrency on Deriv.

We’re excited to open up this new capability to our users and look forward to seeing you take advantage of tUSDT!

Start trading with tUSDT on Deriv today.

Tether TRC20 (tUSDT) is unavailable to clients in the European Union. For available payment options, check Deriv Cashier.

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