Prime Time for Institutional Liquidity as Deriv Group Launches Deriv Prime

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The venture reshapes the landscape of liquidity access and trading dynamics.

Deriv has introduced Deriv Prime, its institutional arm, designed to offer comprehensive liquidity solutions to address and tackle liquidity challenges.

The venture reshapes the landscape of liquidity access and trading dynamics.

Brokerage firms, corporations, startups, and others can now access a wellspring of global liquidity, regardless of their business scale. The Deriv Prime solution aims to change how financial entities harness liquidity.

As brokers expand to new markets, portfolio diversification is no longer an option to cater to the needs of different traders. Deriv Prime rises to meet this demand, offering diverse assets like Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks and Indices, and ETFs that can be customised to suit the distinct trading needs of brokers and their clients.

Deriv Prime’s timely arrival

The liquidity solution arrives as a timely catalyst, empowering institutions to navigate the fluid financial landscape with unprecedented agility by leveraging a wide network of liquidity providers without compromising price integrity.

“Deriv Prime doesn’t just provide liquidity. It’s a strategic response to the challenges faced by institutions in today’s ever-changing financial landscape,” said Alexandros A. Patsalides, Head of Deriv Prime.

“Deriv Prime accommodates top-of-book liquidity and unparalleled market depth. This adaptability ensures that a broad spectrum of traders can find suitable options within the Deriv Prime ecosystem,” continues Patsalides.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

Deriv Prime’s ecosystem is underpinned by cutting-edge technology, delivering seamless operations with minimal latency or disruptions.

This infrastructure boasts several key features: effortless integration with existing systems, ultra-low latency facilitated by intelligent order routing, reliable access to deep liquidity pools for competitive price feeds, and dedicated support.

Deriv Prime integration is highlighted for its simplicity, facilitated by FIX protocol that seamlessly links a user’s bridge provider or MT5 gateway. With an average execution speed under 50ms, orders are intelligently routed, ensuring enhanced liquidity and efficiency.

Experience and Expertise

Deriv Group’s strategic network of prime-of-prime and Tier-1 counterparties affords the group exceptional market depth and ultra-fast executionThe Deriv Group processes over 20 billion USD in daily trades with almost instant uptime. There are no hidden fees, commissions, and integration costs, with 24/7 support.

Deriv Prime marks an advancement in institutional liquidity solutions, presenting a compelling proposition for institutions seeking to navigate the complex trading world. With its cutting-edge technology, extensive network, and institutional-centric approach, Deriv Prime addresses liquidity needs and ushers in a new era of trading possibilities. This disruption could spark a broader trend of reimagining liquidity solutions, ultimately fostering a more dynamic and competitive environment.