Once you log in to your Deriv account and select DBot from the platform dropdown in the top left corner, you will see the DBot’s workspace with 4 pre-set blocks in it – 3 mandatory and 1 optional. The mandatory blocks are essential to have your trading bot running, and the optional one gives you an opportunity to upgrade your trading strategy.

As we discussed in our previous blog, the pre-set parameters in these blocks let you start trading right away. But you also have the freedom to adjust these parameters to your personal trading strategy. In this blog, we will review each pre-set block and explain how you can customise them to place your first personalised trade on DBot.

Mandatory blocks

The mandatory blocks contain the crucial for trading information, like the market you prefer to trade on and when exactly to execute your trade.

Trade parameters (Set up your trade tab)

Trade parameters is the first mandatory block, and you can find it under the ‘Set up your trade’ tab. In this block, you can set the following information: 

Trade Parameters Block on D Bot Trading BotMarket

Select the market and asset you want to trade on. 

Trade type

Choose your desired trade type – from Up/Down to Only ups/Only downs if you want to trade options. Alternatively, select multipliers.

Some trade types are offered in a few variations. For example, the In/Out trade has Ends Between/Ends Outside or Stays between/Goes Outside options. 

Make sure to check this section too, and select your preferred variation.

Contract type

Your next step is to decide which contract type you want. With In/Out, for instance, you can select Ends Between, Ends Outside, or Both. 

Default candle interval

This section is important for setting up indicators for technical analysis. We will cover technical analysis on DBot in another blog, so we’ll leave this as default for now.

Other parameters you can also set:

Run once at start

The instructions set in this section are only executed one time, when you start your bot, and are not repeated every time the new trade is executed. 

Here you can set some additional parameters like custom text notification, but it’s optional and requires a little more technical understanding. 

We’ll cover more details in our next ‘How to set up advanced parameters for Deriv’s trading bot’ blog post. For the time being, you can leave it blank.

Trade options 

In this block, you need to add the essential parameters of your trade, such as the desired duration of your trade and stake amount if you trade options. For the multipliers trade type, you’ll need to add a multiplier value and stake amount, along with take profit and stop loss amounts.

Purchase conditions (Purchase contract)

Purchase Conditions Block on D Bot Trading Bot

Purchase conditions is the most important block as it tells your bot when to execute your trade. 

To set this block for a simple strategy, select the type of contract you want to buy from the dropdown. Eventually, you will be able to help your bot make more complex decisions. For example, instruct it to buy a contract only if the price reaches a certain number. 

Restart trading conditions (Trade again)

Restart Trading Conditions Block on D Bot Trading Bot

Using this block, you can tell your bot to continue or stop trading. You can also adjust the parameters for your next trade and implement stop loss/take profit. For now, you can leave it blank.

Once you set these 3 mandatory blocks, your trading bot is ready to run trades for you. You can activate it by clicking the green ‘Run’ button, located at the top right side of your screen, right under your balance indicator. 

Bear in mind that once you run your bot, the trade you have set will be repeated indefinitely until you stop it manually by clicking the ‘Stop’ button. If you stop your bot before the current trade is closed, the bot will wait until its duration is over and won’t execute a new trade. 

Optional block

The optional block can be used to refine your trading strategy and add additional parameters.

Sell conditions (Sell contract)

Sell Conditions Block on D Bot Trading Bot

With the sell conditions block, you can sell your trades at the market price before their duration is over. This block can’t be used with tick contracts, and selling availability also depends on the duration of the contract and current market conditions.

If you are just setting up a simple strategy, you can leave the optional block blank or remove it from your workspace. Your bot is good to go with just the 3 mandatory blocks.

In our “How to set up advanced parameters for Deriv’s trading bot” blog post, we’ll go over all the details on how to add some additional instructions to your trading bot and how to set the optional block to make the most out of the automated trading!

You can also head over to DBot and practise setting up mandatory blocks on your risk-free demo account, preloaded with a 10,000 USD of virtual currency.

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