“Change is indeed challenging, but if that change is for the better, we stick with it simply because we know the result is for the greater good.”

― Jean-Yves Sireau

     Deriv CEO and founder

As the world started recovering from the uncertainty the pandemic brought, Deriv stepped up to the challenge of adapting to the new reality. We renewed our pledge to make trust and growth the core goals for our organisation. Looking back, 2021 led us to new initiatives, approaches, and launching new products. Everything we did this year contributed to Deriv’s focus areas — our clients and business.


2021 saw the launch of Deriv Academy – a knowledge hub designed to equip our clients with blogs and videos to help them sharpen their trading skills and get the most out of our platforms and services. In the future, we are planning to include webinars, podcasts, and interactive features as well, providing our clients with access to multiple learning mediums.

Knowledge goes hand in hand with opportunity. Our native app, Deriv GO, was also released this year to help our clients seize trading opportunities even on the move. We launched Deriv Go on Google Play, HUAWEI App Gallery, and App Store, offering multipliers trading on forex, crypto, and our proprietary synthetic indices. The year 2022 will see us develop Deriv GO further, improving our clients’ user experience and adding more trading features.

One of our other important launches in 2021 was Deriv X – a CFD trading platform offering a highly personalised trading environment on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. With customisable layouts, advanced charts, watchlists, and real-time alerts, Deriv X helps traders seize market opportunities on forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and synthetic indices.

Alongside, we revamped Deriv API as a product, making it easier for our clients and partners to create highly-personalised trading platforms, apps, and payment websites for their use or to capitalise on them.

We also introduced tighter forex spreads, allowing our clients to take advantage of every opportunity. With up to 50% reduction in spreads on selected forex pairs, combined with high leverage, zero deposit and withdrawal fees, and zero commission, this offer has become one of the most competitive on the market.

Finally, to keep up with innovative technologies quickly becoming the new normal, we integrated project IDV into our documentation process. This initiative has been implemented to enhance our customer experience, making our clients’ identity and document verification process easier and more seamless.


Along with welcoming 1.5M users in 2021, we also welcomed a new approach to project management, adopting new technologies and expanding our team to organise and drive our key projects. Our commitment to embracing growth areas also led to the formation of new teams like Strategy & Project Management Office, Reputation Management, and Delivery Excellence in Risk Department in line with our vision to pursue excellence and efficiency.

We adopted a fresh approach to the Deriv Careers page, providing an overview of all the departments, their differences, and a description of what to expect in the application process. As we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent, these updates helped us make sure the application journey is as seamless and informative as possible. Upholding the principle of transparency is something we prioritise in the way we do business and interact with clients, colleagues, and potential new hires.

To give extra inspiration to our new hires and potential candidates, we also enhanced our LinkedIn page by including the journey of growth and learning of several employees within our story. We are proud of the multicultural spirit in every one of our 700+ employees, where the fabric of various cultures, experiences, and academic backgrounds are woven together by the thread of learning and being distinguished.

But that’s not all. Along with expanding our current offices, we also built new teams in Minsk, Paris, Guernsey, and London. With a total of 13 teams spread over 10 countries, we look forward to welcoming passionate and versatile people into the Deriv family.

All these projects enabled us to tap into the needs of our clients, ensuring we stand by our main mission — to make online trading accessible to everyone. It also served us as a guiding force for creating opportunities to strengthen ties with our partners, who are an extension of the business.

The challenges we’ve faced throughout the year set the stage for our strength to shine through. With 130+ trading assets and more than 100 transactions per second, our daily trading volume is more than 15 billion USD, however, we wouldn’t be where we are today without your unwavering support. Even as we’re chartering new waters, we’re proud of where our resilience and your commitment has taken us today. As we stand on the brink of 2022, we celebrate the milestones of 2021, looking forward to new horizons with invigorated passion and vision.

That’s a wrap from us. See you in 2022!

Team Deriv


Deriv Go and Deriv X are not available for clients residing within the EU or the UK. Certain leverage conditions are not available for clients residing within the EU or the UK.

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