You’re about to discover a CFD trading platform designed to offer you a more personalised trading experience — Deriv X.

Deriv X allows you to create a trading environment that suits your needs. What sets it apart is its unique customisation — you can easily set up multiple workspaces and drag and drop the widgets you want to access the information you need.

It also features a highly intuitive design, advanced charting (that lets you trade directly from a chart), bespoke trading tools for technical analysis, and more. Plus, Deriv X is available on both mobile and desktop devices, making trading convenient wherever you are.

Why trade on Deriv X

Trade multiple markets simultaneously on a single platform

You can trade CFDs on over 100 assets across various markets on a single platform.

User-friendly interface

Whether it’s technical indicators and drawing tools, journaling, or colour customisations, everything is one drag and drop away.

24/7 trading

You can trade cryptocurrencies and synthetic indices 24/7 on Deriv X, including public holidays. Plus, with its mobile app, you can take your trades anywhere you go.

Markets to trade on Deriv X

You can trade CFDs on a variety of markets with Deriv X — forex, basket indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and Deriv’s synthetic indices.

*Note: Only synthetic indices and cryptocurrencies can be traded 24/7.

How to use Deriv X

To get started, your first step is creating a Deriv account.

Deriv sign up page.

Once you’ve logged in to your Deriv account, select Deriv X from the main platform menu. To use Deriv X, you’ll need to create an account for it too.

Deriv's main platform menu.

There are 2 accounts available on Deriv X — Synthetics and Financial. The Synthetics account lets you trade CFDs on synthetic indices that mimic real-world market movements, while the Financial account allows you to trade forex, basket indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies with high leverage.

Deriv X account types to choose from.

To familiarise yourself with Deriv X, you can first practise with a demo account (pre-loaded with 10,000 USD virtual money) risk-free. As soon as you feel confident in your trading, you can easily switch to a real account. To proceed with the account creation, click the Add demo (or real) account button, and follow instructions.

Let’s now move on to a brief overview of Deriv X’s interface so you can get a better sense of its tools and features.

Once you log in to your Deriv X Synthetics or Financial account, you’ll see the platform’s interface.

Deriv X platform interface.

The platform’s layout is customisable — pick your preferred widgets (such as Watchlist, Positions, and Chart) from the menu and drag and drop them to the workspace to create your trading environment. You can add multiple workspaces with different layouts to fit your needs.

Available widgets on Deriv X.

Watchlist allows you to track the prices of different assets. You can customise the list to include the assets you wish to monitor and you can hide them whenever you like.

Watchlist on Deriv X.

To view additional information about a specific asset (such as the lot size, margin rate, etc.), right click on it and select Instrument info.

Instrument info on Deriv X.

Chart displays the price movements of the assets you select.

Chart on Deriv X.

Within the chart, you’ll find over 60 technical indicators as well as advanced drawing tools that you can use for technical analysis.

Technical indicators on Deriv X.

The Tools menu includes Trading Dashboard and Trading Journal.

The Trading Dashboard displays all the information you need about your trades to track your progress, including your risk/reward ratio, the instruments you’ve traded, your win rate, and more.

Trading dashboard on Deriv X.

The Trading Journal allows you to record and review your daily trades to help track your progress and analyse your trading performance.

Trading journal on Deriv X.

Lastly, you can access Trading Terms and Conditions, Account Statement, as well as set broker price alerts, switch between light and dark modes, and more in the drop-down menu at the top right hand corner of the platform.

System actions on Deriv X.

Now that you’ve learned how to navigate Deriv X, try practicing your trade strategies with your free demo account. If you’d like to learn more about CFDs, check out our blog “What is CFD trading?“.



The Deriv X platform is not available for clients residing within the EU or the UK.

Cryptocurrency trading is not available for clients residing within the UK.


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