Deriv voted ‘Broker Of The Year’ by FinanceFeeds Awards

Deriv awarded broker of the year

International multi-asset brokerage firm Deriv has snagged the title of “Broker of the Year” at the FinanceFeeds Awards, which recognise and promote the best-performing brands in the online trading space.

This award win is driven by Deriv’s success in providing a top-notch trading experience to traders of all levels. Offering a diverse portfolio and cutting-edge technology, the firm’s intuitive trading platforms feature over 200 tradable assets spanning Forex, Stocks & Indices, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, and their proprietary Derived indices. 

Deriv’s synthetic indices replicate the dynamics and fluctuations of real-world financial markets, offering a distinct advantage by remaining unaffected by actual real-world occurrences. This wide selection offers a playground for traders to experiment, learn, and grow.

In the meantime, Deriv welcomes traders of all stripes – whether you’re a newcomer testing the online trading waters or a seasoned pro aiming for diverse investment opportunities. They’ve got you covered. And when it comes to costs, they’re right on the money – offering competitive trading costs and non-trading fees that hold their own in the industry. Plus, they’ve earned themselves some top-notch rankings on various scales. The broker also provides tailored conditions that cater to various trading strategies, styles, and multi-asset portfolios. 

Deriv isn’t just operating in one corner of the world – the firm holds licenses that span across different jurisdictions. They’ve received the nod from financial services regulators in places like Malta, Vanuatu, Labuan, and the British Virgin Islands. If you’re curious about their regulatory status in other parts of the globe, you can dive into the details right here.

The broker has crafted a super handy account type called ‘Deriv’ that’s like a one-stop shop. This account opens up doors to platforms like Deriv Trader, SmartTrader, Deriv Bot, Binary Bot, and Deriv GO. The idea? To give traders a shot at competitive trading conditions without any hassle. And they’ve aced it – their account types suit traders of all sizes, risk appetites, and trading styles.

But that’s not all. Deriv offers a demo account too, loaded up with virtual funds. It’s the perfect avenue for new traders to flex their skills without any real-world risk. {Trading conditions, products, and platforms may differ depending on your country of residence.}

Quote from FinanceFeeds:

“Well done to Deriv and to all the winners of this year’s FinanceFeeds Awards! You guys have shown that you’re truly the cream of the crop in the global trading industry. Not only will they impress potential new customers, but they’ll also strengthen the bond with your existing clients. Deriv’s commitment to democratizing online trading and making it accessible to anyone, anywhere has earned us the esteemed title of ‘Broker of the Year.’ The broker is a true benchmark for success with their dedication to innovation, accessibility, and exceptional client support.”

Quote from Deriv:

“At Deriv, our focus is on empowering traders of all levels with cutting-edge technology, diverse assets, and educational resources. Winning the Broker of the Year award celebrates our creativity, innovation, effectiveness and excellent customer service. We’re building on these strengths and will continue to invest in our infrastructure to offer best-in-class offerings to our customers.”

With a history dating back to 1999, Deriv has solidified its position as a leader in the industry. The company’s mission is clear: to democratize online trading and make it accessible to anyone, anywhere. This ethos drives Deriv’s pursuit of innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology that cater to both novice investors and professional traders.

At the core of Deriv’s success is its dedication to offering a diverse portfolio of assets and user-friendly platforms. This accessibility extends to its application programming interface (API), allowing developers to create customized apps and websites on top of the broker’s platform.

Deriv isn’t just about numbers though. They’re big on values like transparency, teamwork, and competence. These values shine through in their 20 global offices across 16 countries, making sure that their multilingual support team is there 24/7 for traders around the world.

Education is also a big part of Deriv’s DNA as they believe in giving traders the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. They genuinely want their traders to succeed, so they offer a bunch of educational resources like videos and articles. 

These values inspire trust and confidence among clients and industry peers alike, culminating in the esteemed title of “Broker of the Year” at the FinanceFeeds Awards.

About Deriv

Deriv is a well-established and highly regarded broker that provides everything one might expect from a full-service brokerage, from FX to cryptocurrency.

Deriv also is considered safe for trading with a long history of operation and an excellent reputation. At Deriv, there is an extensive range of asset classes, trading platforms, free trading capabilities, and exclusive research tools.