Deriv celebrates another year as a Great Place to Work

Deriv certified as a great place to work

Deriv Group is thrilled to mark its second consecutive year with 10 global offices recognised as a Great Place to Work (GPTW). Specifically, offices in Dubai, Malta, Paraguay, Cyprus, Malaysia, and Rwanda have upheld their GPTW status amid rapid employee growth. Meanwhile, the UK, Jordan, and France offices are celebrating this honour for the first time.

A culture built on concrete values

At the heart of these achievements lie Deriv’s deeply ingrained core values: competence, teamwork, integrity, and customer focus — the living principles that encapsulate Deriv’s ethos. The recent GPTW score of 88% demonstrates Deriv’s commitment to its workforce, surpassing many industry peers.

Seema Hallon, Deriv’s Head of HR, remarks, “Our transparency, ethical conduct, and drive for excellence are the cornerstones of our identity. Our aim is to cultivate a sense of shared purpose and pride in every member of the Deriv family.”

The GPTW scores mirror this healthy and positive culture, highlighting a 90% score for being a “fun place to work” and 86% for “encouraging a balance between work and personal life.”

The inclusion of three newly certified offices this year only underscores their dedication to upholding the highest workplace standards, serving as an example for the industry.

Nurturing an empowered workforce

“Creating a great workplace isn’t just about our physical space. It’s about ensuring psychological safety, value, and empowerment for all,” asserts Hallon. The company boasts a 97% score for providing a physically safe working environment, 82% for ensuring psychological and emotional health, and 93% for the positive impact of its facilities on the work environment.

From the Cyprus office, Geo Nicolaidis, Head of Office Cyprus, shares, “There are myriad reasons why Deriv offices have been honoured with the Great Place to Work certification for the second consecutive year, achieving remarkable ratings. The credit goes beyond mere infrastructure and amenities; it is fundamentally about our people, culture, and the spirit that binds us all.”

“Our core values shape our HR policies, building trust and fostering exceptional work environments,” says Hallon. Deriv is deeply invested in the growth of its employees, promoting their continuous learning through platforms like LinkedIn Learning and A Cloud Guru. Initiatives across various offices further enhance collaboration and bring teams closer.

Furthermore, GPTW scores reveal that 96% of employees are confident they have the necessary resources, while 94% believe they have access to ample training and development opportunities.

Nicolaidis further says, “We focus on professional growth via ongoing training and mentorship and offer flexibility for a healthy work-life balance. Our open-door policy fosters transparent communication, and we pride ourselves on a competitive benefits package and a diverse, inclusive environment. Together, these elements create a workplace and a space where each individual thrives, grows, and feels valued and respected.”

For insights into the work culture, visit Deriv’s Careers page.

This GPTW certification sends a resounding message to all at Deriv: the best is yet to come.

Great Place to Work® is the only global award that recognises companies that ensure equal and fair treatment of all employees. Companies are assessed on their ability to create a great employee experience across race, gender, age, disability status, or any aspect of employee identity or job role.