The harsh truth is that employers prefer candidates with work experience. The reason is simple: people with experience are likely to get things done faster and with fewer newbie mistakes.

So if you’re a fresh graduate, finding your first job can be difficult. How do you get an employer’s attention without that ‘fresh from university’ vibe?

That’s exactly what we intend to fix with BeSquare, a tech graduate programme designed to provide fresh graduates with the experience and skills that are attractive to prospective employers.

What’s BeSquare about?

BeSquare is based on the idea that individuals with a broad range of knowledge and skills are better equipped for a successful career. So instead of focusing on one area of work, participants will learn connected skills that can make them even more valuable in their role.

Throughout the programme, trainees will work with different tech teams, and work on modules that’ll cover various aspects of the business, including product design, front-end and back-end development, cyber security, and business intelligence.

Participants will also be able to gain international exposure by collaborating with the teams located around the world, and be guided by the best tech minds in Deriv.

Besides tech skills, participants will also learn soft skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving through specially designed modules based on Harvard Business Review principles.

After BeSquare

Having completed BeSquare, graduates are able to add the relevant experience to their résumés, which includes their training on industry-standard projects in the various tech domains of BeSquare. This gives them an extra edge over other fresh grads with no experience.

Plus, by being involved in the various aspects of completing a project, participants should also be able to learn more about their strengths and preferences, which can help them plan out their career paths.

BeSquare also offers the opportunity of a permanent position with Deriv should participants perform exceptionally well during their time in the programme.

Who is BeSquare for?

BeSquare is open to Malaysian fresh graduates and last-term students in any STEM programme (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

If you love working on collaborative projects and are looking to build a career in tech, you’re the one we’re looking for.

Check for more info. Or email [email protected].

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