We have been working tirelessly to improve our Synthetic indices offering to our clients and partners, and we have recently created additional servers to improve your experience.

Faster speeds and better performance

Our MT5 platform now offers various servers that are geographically purposed to ensure you get the best speeds and optimal performance based on where in the world you trade from. We now offer servers across Europe and Africa to bring you a seamless trading experience.  

To benefit from a server closer to you, you will need to create a new DMT5 Synthetic account, follow the steps below on how to do this. We have also addressed any other questions you may have further in this blog!

How do I make a new account on a new server?

Step 1
Log into your account at Deriv.com or via the app.

Step 2
To add a new account on another server, visit the MT5 dashboard and click on the Synthetics accounts ‘add more trade servers’ under the real account tab.

If you don’t currently have an MT5 synthetic account, click ‘add real account’ under synthetics.

Step 3
Set a desired password for your DMT5 Real Synthetic account, and click ‘Next’.

Step 4
Proceed to choose a trade server for your DMT5 Real Synthetic account that is closest to your location. Click on ‘Add account’.

Step 5
Congratulations. You have now successfully created a new DMT5 Real Synthetic account on a server that will perform faster and better for you. Now you can begin trading and transferring your funds to your DMT5 synthetic account

Below we have listed any other questions you may have.

How do I transfer money from my old DMT5 synthetic account?
You can transfer funds from your previous DMT5 account by moving the funds from your previous DMT5 account into your Deriv account, then from there move them to your new DMT5 account. Simple!

Can I still use my previous DMT5 account?
You can, however we recommend using your new one for the best speed and performance we can offer you on our platform.

Will my log in details remain the same?
Yes, your Deriv account remains the same, you have just added another DMT5 account on a different server to enhance your experience, we hope you enjoy it!

Will the MT5 platform change?
Absolutely not, our platforms remain the same for you.

Do I need to open additional accounts on any of your other platforms?
No, all your other accounts can remain the same.

If you have any other questions please visit our website to connect to our live chat, our customer support team will be glad to assist you.

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