Love the idea of leverage, but hate the thought of getting wiped out with one bad trade? We have the ideal trade type for you. One that combines the upside of a leveraged trade with the limited downside of an options trade. We call it multipliers, and it’s available now on DTrader.

More upside, limited downside

Multipliers trading allows you to maximise your profit by applying a multiplier value on your stake amount. Think of it as a leverage to your stake.

Say a price change on the market goes as you predicted. Your profit will be amplified, thanks to the multiplier.

Of course, if the price moves opposite to what you predicted, your loss is also amplified. But with Deriv multipliers, you can never lose more than your initial stake because any position will automatically close with no further loss beyond the stake amount.

You have even more control over your risk with features such as take profit, stop loss and deal cancellation.

More control

Amp up your trades

Choose from x50, x100, x150, x200, x250, x500, x1000 — the higher the multiplier, the higher your potential gains.

Limited risks

Automatic stop out ensures that you never lose more than your initial stake. Manage your trade and cap your losses from the start.

You’re in control

With take profit, stop loss, and deal cancellation features, you can secure your gains, protect your stake, and change your mind.

Trade any time, anywhere

Trade multipliers 24/7 right through the weekend without any disruptions with Deriv’s synthetic indices, that simulate real-world market movements.

Start with a free demo account pre-loaded with $10k virtual funds, and practise trading with multipliers on DTrader now.

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