Multipliers are a great way to accelerate your gains, but if the market moves against you, they can also accelerate your losses. Fortunately, multipliers on Deriv offers in-built and optional ways to limit your losses.

4 ways to gain more control of your multipliers trade

Multipliers has four nifty features that’ll give you more control over your trades.

Automatic stop out

This feature automatically kicks in to stop your trade as soon as your losses are equal to your stake amount. This means that with multipliers, you can never lose more than your initial stake.

Take profit

To secure your gains, you can manually exit when the market is in your favour. Or you can set a take profit level to automatically close your trade when your gains match or exceed this amount.

You can set a take profit value before or after you’ve purchased the contract, and it can be re-adjusted at any time while a trade is active.

Stop loss

Want more protection for your stake? Stop loss lets you set precisely how much you are willing to risk. This allows you to cut your losses before your entire stake amount is gone. If your loss matches or exceeds the stop loss amount, your trade will automatically close.

You can set a stop loss before or after you’ve purchased the contract. It can be re-adjusted at any time while a trade is active.

Deal cancellation

Want the option to start over? With deal cancellation, you can cancel a trade up to 1 hour after purchase. A trade will also be automatically cancelled if stop out is triggered (loss matches or exceeds your stake amount) within the deal cancellation period. In both scenarios, you get back your stake, minus a small fee.

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