It’s common for employers to prefer candidates with work experience. The reason is simple: they want people with the right knowledge and skills.

If you’re a fresh graduate, this can be a problem. How to get the knowledge and skills without having work experience?

That’s exactly what we intend to fix with BeSquare — a paid tech graduate programme designed to provide fresh graduates with the experience, knowledge, and skills that will help them become attractive hires.

What’s BeSquare about?

BeSquare is based on the idea that individuals with a broad range of knowledge and skills are better equipped for a successful career.

For 6 months, participants will work closely with the team at Deriv to gain a hands-on learning experience. With decades of collective experience, Deriv’s team of tech experts will be sharing knowledge and insights to help fresh graduates get a good understanding of how to succeed in the working world.

Participants will be exposed to 10 modules that’ll cover various aspects of the business, including product design, front-end and back-end development, quality assurance, cyber security, business intelligence.

The learning experience

Participants can expect to get a holistic learning experience with the BeSquare graduate programme. They’ll become familiar with the fast-paced nature of the fintech industry while learning the importance of collaboration.

Through rotation across various tech teams, participants will receive cross-domain training that will help them understand how each role fits in the larger picture, and how each team contributes to the goals of the company.

With opportunities to connect with professionals based in Deriv’s global offices, participants will get international exposure, grow their professional network, and learn from some of the best tech minds in Deriv.

Besides tech skills, participants will also learn soft skills including collaboration, communication, learning, and problem-solving.

After BeSquare

Having completed BeSquare, graduates can tread boldly into the working world with an enriched résumé — an advantage over other fresh grads with no work experience.

Armed with their BeSquare experience and a good understanding of the real world work environment, graduates will have a better idea of the career path they want to pursue.

Plus, talented participants who perform exceptionally well in BeSquare will be offered a permanent position at Deriv.

Who is BeSquare for?

BeSquare is open to Malaysian fresh graduates and last-term students in any science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) discipline.

If you love working on collaborative projects and are looking to build a career in tech, you’re the one we’re looking for.

Our next intake

Our next intake is in July 2021, and we’re accepting applications until 31 May.

To apply:

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